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Satoshi Runners

A first-class group of 7,777 mercenaries reprogrammed to bypass the government's control on the Blockchain


Satoshi Runners is a collection of 7,777 distinctive NFTs aimed to redefine pixel art through unparalleled artwork, unique utility, and a vibrant community.

The Story

In 2077, Blockchain was a revolutionary concept that changed the global economy completely. Things were looking bright for humanity until the new AI-enhanced system was introduced. Governments from around the world formed an unusual alliance to implement this new system without the people’s consent. Everything was recorded, evaluated, and optimized, with the government monitoring all transactions. Satoshi Nakamoto, a young but brilliant cryptographer, discovered a dark truth that turned him into the world’s most wanted fugitive. On the surface, Blockchain was free for everyone to use, but the government had secretly acquired more than 51% of the network’s hashing power, granting them control of all transactions. With everyone’s information at their fingertips, they held the world hostage. Nakamoto began working on a way to free humanity from their control. Word got out, and within a year, 7,777 mercenaries reprogrammed to bypass the government’s control took charge to free humanity. Led by the legendary Satoshi Runners, a class of hybrid runners operating under Satoshi’s personal Blockchain network, they were impervious from external threats. Among them, ten special runners had the ability to control the Blockchain records just like the government. The government called them the boogeymen, but they were known on the streets as The Hackers.

The Roadmap


Welcome to Satoshi Runners!

We have collaborated with the best advisors and influencers the community has to offer

To reward members for helping the project grow and prosper our community, the whitelist mint price will be lower than the public mint price  

Once minting is complete and reveals takes place, the members holding one of the ten Legendary Mercenaries, The Hackers, will each be rewarded 2 ETH


Phase 1 - Takeover

Hybrid Runners (Whitelist) will gain access to whitelist spots of upcoming NFT projects both pre and post mint

At full mint, an estimated amount of 60 ETH ($240,000+) will be held in the community wallet

These funds will be used towards fulfilling Roadmap 1.0 & 2.0. Furthermore, they will be used to ensure longevity through marketing campaigns and expanding the scope of our project via breeding, staking, and exciting specialties listed below


Phase 2A - Staking & Marketplace

A week after the official reveal, which takes place on OpenSea, we'll be implementing Staking features. Holders will be able to stake their Satoshi Runner to earn $SATOSHI

$SATOSHI can be spent within our ecosystem in the Alpha Marketplace
The Alpha Marketplace will contain WL spots from a variety of upcoming NFT collections.

Our holders with a certain amount of $SATOSHI will be able to gain access to the most hyped upcoming NFT projects


Phase 2B - Breeding

Our team will be implementing a breeding system to further the Satoshi lineage  

To qualify, holders must have at least 2 Satoshis and 300 $SATOSHI and will only need to pay a small gas fee for the premium NFT

There will be 5,000 Baby Satoshis 3,888 of them will be free for holders with 2 or more Satoshis in their wallets, while the rest will be available for mint


Phase 3 - Metaverse Access

Our team will buy land on Sandbox/Decentraland and growing pixel-based metaverses to grant our holders exclusive access to the growing space

In the future, we plan on launching a 3D VX Satoshi Runners collection


Long-Term Plans

Satoshi Runners is here to stay as we will redefine the scope of what pixel art NFTs can provide in terms of value and benefits

Roadmap 2.0 will be announced upon the start of the Breeding & Staking Phase

Expect future cyberpunk collections within the Satoshi Runners ecosystem

Baby Satoshi Runners

The Satoshi Runners fought valiantly but the Government had strength in numbers and they were bound to lose the war. Luckily, Satoshi Nakamoto envisioned the outcome and began working on the
next generation of runners. The Baby Satoshi Runners.

Unlike the previous generation, 3,888 of the runners were the direct offspring of the original 7,777 Satoshi Runners.
The remaining runners were genetically enhanced hybrid runners with modifications from both the original Satoshi Runners and the 10 legendary Hackers.The rebellion was now stronger than ever. With their hopes held high and their intensive preparations behind them, the Satoshi Runners once again took the fight to Government for the freedom of humanity. Can they stand a chance?


The Hackers

Seven Hackers will be available to mint on release.

Three Hackers will be held in the community wallet for auction.

Each holder of one of the ten Hackers will receive a significant yield bonus

 Hybrid Runners  Traits

400+ Hand Crafted Traits Ranging From Helmets, Jackets, Hand Accessories & More!





Eye Accessories

Mouth Accessories




How can I get a Satoshi Runners NFT?

The official public sale will be held on March 1, 2022.
Presale will occur 24 hours before public sale and will only be available to those members who are whitelisted.

How do I join Presale?

To gain access to our presale, you must be whitelisted. To find out more, check out our discord!

What can I do with a Satoshi Runner?

You may use your Satoshi Runner as a profile picture and have the option of reselling it on OpenSea. As we dive deeper into the roadmap and breeding functions are implemented, you may earn $satoshi.

Do I own the Satoshi Runner after mint?

After minting, you will own all the intellectual properties of your specific Satoshi Runner. You may use it to create and sell merchandise, advertise it, auction it off, and other cool features!

Where can I mint a Satoshi Runner NFT?

Official minting will only occur on our official website,

Meet The Team

Satoshi Runners was founded by a team of NFT Specialists, Marketing Experts, Entrepreneurs, Bored Ape Developers, and renowned Artists.

BAYC #3465 | Investor, & NFT Connoisseur
7-Figure Entrepreneur, Marketing Expert, Crypto & NFT Enthusiast
Trait Designer
Legendary Animator
Worked with Disney, Minecraft, UFC, NFL
Trailer Artist
Lead Artist